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Coming in January:

  • Bootcamp/TRX classes
  • New class times
  • Heart rate monitors for all classes

Passion. Strength. Endurance.

Welcome to Petworth Fitness. home of CrossFit Petworth, an amazing fitness community. At Petworth Fitness we love what we do: Making a difference in people’s lives. We focus on having fun while making you a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of yourself. We have a variety of programs to fit everyone’s needs, so come by and check out what we can do for you!

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    FastFit gettin' their dumbell work on!

    We're keeping an eye on the weather situation. Please make sure youcheck your email, this page and our FB page for updates!!

    Bring a Friend Day is tomorrow! Bring a friend to any of our classes on Wednesday, Feb 10. Register online here!

    Hunger isn't all in our heads. Check out the article Diet Advice that Ignores Hunger. An interesting look at hunger and why diets don't work.

    Today's WOD

    Technique Sesh

    Clean and Jerks

    E90 for 10 Rounds

    1 High Hang Squat Clean + 1 Push Press
    1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk
    1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

    *Weight increases ONLY if technique allows.

    Met Con

    Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5

    Squat Clean and Jerks (165/110)

    Mobility: Front Rack

  • 2/8/16 WOD

    It seems we all survived #Snowzilla fairly entertained. Making a Murderer seemed to be the winner!

    We've got lots of events this week! Check it out:

    Bring a Friend Day: ALL CLASSES on Wed., 2/10! Register you and yo' frandz online here.

    Cardio Dance Class: Thursday, 2/11 at 8:30pm. Taught by the one and only Sara HK! Tickets are $10 at the door or $12 online here. All proceeds go to support Petworth Dance Project's 2016 season!

    Cupid's Undie Run: Saturday, 2/13 at 12pm. Register online here (use the code: CUPID50 for 50% off) and then join the CrossFit Petworth Team!

    Today's WOD


    We're working our MOM today!

    Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

    Psoas SMASH!

    Met Con


    OH Squats (65/45)
    OH Lunges (65/45)

    2 Wall Walks after each round

    THIS IS NOT FOR TIME--it is for form, strength, and stability.

    After class mobility: All of the shoulders/wrists

  • 2/5/16 WOD


    Clarissa killin' the cleans.

    Looking for some somewhat healthy snacks for your Super Bowl Party? Check out PaleOMG's list of yummy snacks for just about every body. I (Alison) can confirm the Bacon and Jalapeno Deviled Eggs are delish.

    Today's WOD

    Short Skill Sesh

    Row Therapy

    We're spending some time of rowing form to help make the movement more efficient. Remember when form is tweaked, it is normal for things to slow down a bit until your body gets used to the tweaks! You want to study? Check out Concept 2's technique page.


    Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes for 7 Rounds

    3 Back Squats, increasing weight each round

    Met Con

    Partner AMCAP 18 minutes

    Partners switch every 12 calories.

    Each time you are on the rower, you're sprinting. SPRINTING!!!! YEAH!!!!

    Mobility: Glutes and Hammies


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