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Welcome to CrossFit Petworth, the best fitness community of your life. We're a CrossFit gym and strength and conditioning facility in the heart of Washington, DC, that focuses on making people stronger, healthier versions of themselves. We have something for everyone. Check out what we can do for you!

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  • FIELD DAY TODAY!!! (Gym Closed this Weekend)

    The gym is closed this weekend for a CFHQ Level 2 Seminar! There will be no classes at all, including Yoga on Sunday. Instead, let's do FIELD DAY!!!!

    We're meeting on Saturday, July 4th at 9:30am at the soccer field across from Powell Elementary School on Upshur St. There will be a fun workout that includes some water balloon fun (don't worry, if you don't want to participate you don't have to!). Wear the most patriotic outfit you have and you could win a super fab prize!!

    Here is a map:


    Bring water and sunscreen (not sure if it will be sunny or not! Either way, bring it)!

    Later on, head over to the 4th Annual July 4th Celebration at the Old Soldiers' Home! There is fun and festivities for the whole the fam starting at 4:30pm. Check out all the details here!

  • 7/3/15 WOD and July 4th Field Day Reminder!!

    The SheFit Class working on Hero WOD "DT."

    Field Day tomorrow, July 4th at 9:30am! Wear your most patriotic outfit! Best dressed gets a fab America-themed prize! Why? Because America. We'll be at the soccer field across from Powell Elementary School on Upshur St. Register for it here. Also, here is a really detailed map:


    Today's WOD


    Front Squat

    5 sets x 5 reps


    Strict Press

    5 sets x 5 reps

    Experienced lifters: add between 5-10# to your previous working weight for each lift. If you are unsure of how much to add, work up to your previous weight and then decide from there.

    New lifters: use the time provided to find your approximate 5 rep maxes for each lift. The coaches will help you figure out your weights.

    You have 30 minutes to complete both lifts.

    Met Con

    3 Rounds

    1 minute Max KB Swings (24/16)
    1 minute Rest
    1 minute Max Burpees
    1 minute Rest

    You will have 2 scores: total number of KB Swing reps and total number of Burpee reps

    Mobility: Head, shoulders, knees, and toes (knees and toes)

  • 7/2/15 WOD

    Jen D., Shannon, Kerry, and others working on KB swings and Box Jumps!

    Still working on your patriotic themed outfit for the 4th of July Field Day? Check out this Google search. You're welcome.

    Havent's registered for Field Day yet? Do it here. We're meeting at 9:30 on Saturday the 4th at the soccer field across from Powell Elementary School on Upshur St. 

    Today's WOD

    Skill Sesh

    Snatches and Overhead Squats

    We're working on mobility and form during this skill session.

    Get the the gym early? Work on these stretches for you lats to prep for OHS.

    Met Con

    10 Rounds Not For Time

    1 Snatch (Full or Power Snatch + OHS)
    3 Overhead Squats
    1 30m Sled Push Sprint (2/1 45#)

    Increase Snatch and OHS weight as able during the rounds. If you reach a max weight before you are at round 10, remain at that weight for the remainder of the workout.

    Your score is your heaviest Snatch and OHS weight.

    Mobility: Lats

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