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Welcome to Petworth Fitness. home of CrossFit Petworth, an amazing fitness community. At Petworth Fitness we love what we do: Making a difference in people’s lives. We focus on having fun while making you a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of yourself. We have a variety of programs to fit everyone’s needs, so come by and check out what we can do for you!

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  • 9/28/16 WOD

    Juan and friends deadlifting.

     Like Manatees? You'll love these.  

    Today's WOD  


    Front Squats  

    1x5 reps at 75% of 1RM  
    1x3 reps at 85% of 1RM  
    1x1+ reps at 95% of 1RM   

    Do at least 2 warmups sets of 5 reps to get to your 75%.   

    If you do not know your 1RM, work up to a challenging weight. For your 1x1+ set you will do at least 1 rep PLUS as many more as you can (with proper form of course).   

    Record your weights.   

    You have 20 minutes to finish your lifts.   

    Met Con  

    AMRAP 15  

    20 KB Snatches (10/side) (24/16) 
    20 Front Rack KB Step Ups (10/side) (24/16 to 24/20) 

     After Class Mobility: Low back, glutes, and hammies 

  • 9/27/16 WOD

    Juanita working on her TGUs with a slam ball! 

      Rowing for Calories vs. Meters. Check it: 


    Today's WOD  


    E90 for 5 Rounds  

    10 Bar Rollouts (135/95)  

    Met Con  

    Alternating EMOM 20  

    Minute 1: 15 Burpees 
    Minute 2: 15 DB Push Press (45/30) 
    Minute 3: 15 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10/9') 
    Minute 4: 2 Man Makers (45/30)  

    If reps are not finished in the minute alotted, go directly to the next minute. If you need to rest a minute, do it. Your score is the number of minutes the reps weren't finished. 

    A "perfect" score is 0.  

    After Class Mobility: Quads and shoulders

  • 9/26/16 WOD

    Casey gettin' some deadlift work in. 

     Tis the season for roasting veggies. See How to Roast Any Vegetable!  

    Today's WOD  

    3 Rounds for Time  

    800m Run 
    30 Situps 
    20 Heavy KB Swings (32/24)*  

    22 minute cap  

    *You will have to share the heavier KBs. The coach will help you figure it out. Fret not.  

    After Class Mobility: All of your posterior chain. 

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