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Welcome to Petworth Fitness. home of CrossFit Petworth, an amazing fitness community. At Petworth Fitness we love what we do: Making a difference in people’s lives. We focus on having fun while making you a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of yourself. We have a variety of programs to fit everyone’s needs, so come by and check out what we can do for you!

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  • Get Your Costumes Ready! Halloween is Monday!! (And 10/26/16 WOD)

    FastFit biking their way through the workout!

    Costume WOD on Monday, October 31!! Get ready!!!

     It's getting colder! We'll still be outside for a bit! Dress appropriately!

    Speaking of colder weather, you may be making soup soon. Here is how to freeze it properly for later!

    Today's WOD




    The first 2 sets of each movement should be considered warm up. The last 3 sets they should get "heavy." RECORD YOUR WEIGHTS.

    The weights should be 70, 80, and 90% PLUS 5-10 pounds TOTAL of their 1RM (if they know it). So, if their 1RM is 245, 70% is 170+10 is 180.

    Athletes have 20 minutes to finish their lifts. Run the clock.

    Met Con

    For Time:

    100 Meatballs (20/14)
    2MOM 6 DB Snatches 3/side (40/30)

    Cap: 15 Minutes

    After Class Mobility: Quads!

  • 10/25/16 WOD

    The 6am-ers are extremely helpful! Sweeping leave for time! Thanks Mikelle for the pics!

    Our 2 Year Anniversary Party is Friday, November 4 at 8pm! Check out the invite and RSVP here!

    Today's WOD


    E90 for 8 Rounds

    8-10 Bent Over Barbell Rows

    Weights should be challenging but doable. Weights stay the same each round. This is an accessory lift meant to help with pulling movements (like pullups!).

    Met Con


    8 Rounds

    1 Minute Work/1 Minute Rest

    10 Lateral Hop Burpees
    Max Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

    Your score is the total number of Hang Power Cleans.

    After Class Mobility: Coach's Choice


    Kerry, Lana, Kristina, and Pam M getting their Saturday FastFit on!

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: It's getting colder out. We will still be outside occasionally for now. Dress appropriately.

    HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!! Get yo' costumes ready for a fun HalloWOD on Monday, 10/31!

    Today's WOD


     EMOM 5

     2 Jerk Balances + 1 Split Jerk


    In 12 Minutes:

    Find today's 1RM Split Jerk

    Met Con

    AMRAP 10

    5 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
    10 Situps
    20 DUs

    If you are currently unable to do consistent DUs, you will do 30 seconds of attempts.

    After Class Mobility: Calves

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