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Welcome to Petworth Fitness. home of CrossFit Petworth, an amazing fitness community. At Petworth Fitness we love what we do: Making a difference in people’s lives. We focus on having fun while making you a stronger, leaner, and healthier version of yourself. We have a variety of programs to fit everyone’s needs, so come by and check out what we can do for you!

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  • 5/25/16 WOD

    Kristin working on her solid Split Jerks!

    It's Wednesday, you need some joy: This Puppy Sitting in a Watermelon and Eating It is the Best Thing Ever.

    Today's WOD

    Skill Sesh

    Clean and Jerks

    Met Con

    For Time:

    2 Rounds

    15 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
    30 Back Squats (135/95)


    45 Lateral Hop Burpees

    Cap: 18 minutes

    The weights for the Clean & Jerks and Back Squats are the same. The RX weights are considered "light," so if this isn't light for you, then scale. Back Squat come FROM THE GROUND. This will most likely be the deciding factor in your barbell weight.

    There is only one set of Burpees. If you do 2 sets, that is a you problem.

    After Class Mobility: Low Back

  • 5/24/16 WOD

    Our kids classes (3-5yo) start Tuesday, May 31! Check out all the details here.

    These classes are specifically designed just for them! Check out the article 5 Ways Kids can Benefit from CrossFit from BoxLife Mag. They are going to have a blast (and so will we)!

    Today's WOD




    Increase weight, working to a heavy set of 4.

    Met Con



    Double Unders

    12 minute cap

    Last attempt: 12/23/15

    This is a benchmark workout and should be done as fast as possible. For the DUs today, either do fewer reps (if you can do them but struggle) or Tuck Jumps. Be sure to record your effort in your notebook or MyWOD app!

    After Class Mobility: Calves

  • 5/23/16 WOD

    Part of the Olympic Lifting Series crew! Thanks for making it a success!

    Memorial Day is Monday, May 30! We're having one large class at 10:30am that day and will be performing the traditional Memorial Day WOD "Murph." Plenty of modifications will be available! This class is open to all members. 

    Today's WOD

    Mobility Time!

    Chest Mobility

    Plantar Mobility

    Met Con

    Partner WOD

    AMRAP 20

    Partner 1: Run 400m (or Row 500m)
    Partner 2:

    20 Plate OH Lunges (45/25)
    10 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25)
    5 Burpees to Plate

    P1 runs or rows while P2 works through the other movements. When P1 finishes, the partners switch and P1 picks up where P2 left off.

    Score is total number of rounds and reps.

    After Class Mobility: Coach's Choice

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